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My daughter Amanda loves creating artistic jewelry. When she was young we turned the dining room into her art studio, and in kindergarten her art was chosen to be displayed at the Children's Museum. In high school her favorite classes were Art and Theater set design and she was picked to be in a state art exhibit. Amanda began making jewelry in college where she attended art school and shared her talent at craft fairs. Her portfolio is made of a variety of heartfelt pieces that make up some of the signature Chaga Haus labels artwork. She has traveled out west to market her wire wrap jewelry in Arizona, California, Utah and Oregon attending gem shows along the way. Please view The Amandethyst collection and choose a beautiful piece of jewelry that fits your style best.

Rainbow Moonshine

Labradorite & Gold Nugget in Sterling Silver


Imperial Topaz

Topaz in Sterling Silver


Lapis Lazuli & Meteorite

In Oxidized Copper



In Sterling Silver



In Copper & Sterling Silver



In Oxidized Sterling Silver


Fire Opal

In Copper and Sterling Silver



In Copper