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Be Well

Inonotus Obliquus   The King of Mushrooms known as "Gift of God, " is a nutrient- rich superfood filled with antioxidants, beta- glucans and hint of vanilla, used for body and mind purification. Helpful for boosting the immune system, heart health, restoring cells, cardio-protective, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, circulation, skin for "anti-aging," eyes, hair, lungs, liver, nervous system, ulcers, brain tissue, stomach, metabolism, blood pressure, tissue, allergies, analgesic (pain), anti-parasitic, anti-platelet, intestinal, digestion, blood, blood sugar, worms, detoxification and anti-tumor. 

Chaga Birch Bark

A double immunity blend of chaga and birch bark. Birch is known as "the mother tree" plentiful in Betulin which can regenerate cells, aid in indigestion, respiratory, circulation, anti-inflammatory and detoxification. 

8 oz.  $33

16 oz.  $66

Chaga Cacao

Chaga blend of Cacao, an Amazonian superfood known for cellular health, heart & brain. May naturally enhance moods, is full of anti-oxidants and more calcium than cows milk. Combined with coconut milk, cinnamon and vanilla. 

8 oz.  $33

16 oz. $66

Chaga Chai

The spice of life. Chaga blend of Chai, a worldwide popular tea known for cellular health, energy, digestion, aches and pains, immune system, chronic disease and the heart. 

8oz.  $33

16 oz.  $66

Chaga Self-Heal

Chaga blend of Self-Heal known for balancing the body and can be helpful for sore throats, allergies, sugar levels, respiratory, immune system and cells.

  8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66


Give Thanks

Trametes Versicolor  Restores balance in the body, mind & soul. Known as "many colors" the most important mushroom in the world contains Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) for cellular health. Used in Asia thousands of years for chronic disease and can be helpful for inflammation, infection, increasing energy, aphrodisiac, respiratory, digestion, dampness, phlegm, pulmonary, stomach, spleen, anti-tumor, prostate, breast, gastric, esophagus, throat, kidneys, colorectal, lungs, cervical, blood, nose, skin, hypertension, blood sugar, kidneys, fatigue, circulation, TB, heat, fevers, eczema, gout, herpes, fungus, HIV and arthritis .

Turkey Tail Tulsi

Turkey Tail blend of Tulsi (Holy Basil) known as an all-around powerful "Elixir of Life," an adaptogen, reducing stress & increasing energy, used to help colds, flu, congestion, cholesterol, headaches, eyes, blood pressure, cellular and anti-inflammatory.

8 oz.  $33

16 oz.  $66

Turkey Tail Thrive

Overall body & wellness support with a turkey tail blend of organic echinacea purpurea, lemon balm, olive leaf, elderberry, elderflower, lemon peel, ginger root and goldenseal root. 

8 oz.  $33

16 oz. $66


Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine," a physician in ancient Greece 400 B.C. emphasized a holistic approach, that the body heals itself with the whole person, rather than focus on a specific illness, body part or ​symptom. The part can never be well unless the whole is well. Holistic health is a state of balance, an interconnection of body, mind, spirit, and environment. The greek word holos mean whole.


Love Life

Ganoderma Lucidum  Brings peace & harmony. "The Queen of Mushrooms" is known as a spirit calming "mushroom of immortality" for increasing longevity. Found on hardwood trees and can be helpful for immune system boosting, anti-viral, respiratory, asthma, bronchitis, stomach, nerves, ulcers, heart disease, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, blood sugar, blood pressure, ovaries, cholesterol, anti-oxidant, liver, detoxifying, kidneys, insomnia, hypertension, endocrine system, hormones, sexual endurance, herpes, lupus, bones, anxiety, skin, weight, menstruation, warts, and memory. Reishi contains P53 for helping abnormal cells plus polysaccharides and terpenes.​

Reishi Raspberry

Reishi and Raspberry leaf blend loaded with vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, tannins, flavonoids and anti-oxidants. Ellagic acid of Raspberry potentially destructs damaged cells, can help with PMS and as a mild laxative and diuretic.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Reishi Relax

Feel calm and relaxed with a Reishi blend of catnip, skullcap, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint leaf, spearmint, and oat straw to help soothe the spirit and get down to earth.

8 oz. $33

16 oz.. $66


Get Happy

Fomes Fomentarius  Refreshes & Quiets the soul. Known as "inflames life," a nerve tonic & mood booster resembling a horses hoof, contains melanin and can survive up to 30 years. Potential health benefits are blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, throat, stomach, uterus, esophagus, gastric, frostbite, intestinal parasites, lungs, blood circulation, bladder, hemorrhoids, diuretic, arthritis, blood sugar, colds, flu, laxative, skin "anti-aging," nerves, bronchitis, asthma, indigestion, anti-bacterial, immune system, cells, herpes, anti-microbial, HIV and rheumatism.

Horse Hoof Hibiscus 

Horse Hoof blend of hibiscus, large colorful flowers which can be helpful for weight loss, metabolism, stomach, blood pressure, anti-bacterial, fever, cholesterol, constipation, nerves, and tumors, mixed with rosehips, orange peel, lemongrass and lemon peel.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Horse Hoof Detox

Regenerate your system and release toxins from the body with a horse hoof blend of burdock root, dandelion root, peppermint leaf, red clover blossom, licorice root, yellow dock root and ginger root.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66



Treat your skin naturally. Chaga contains the highest amount of natural melanin for skin, hair, and eyes, known as "youth serum" for anti-aging. Combined with pure, raw, organic natural, unrefined ingredients overflowing with superfoods & super herbs. Pollutant free, pesticide-free, preservative-free, hormone-free, GMO-free, chemical-free and fragrance- free.

Chagamint Soap


Cleanse your body with all natural, pure organic Chaga infused Soap. Raw plant based, biodegradable, detergent-free, preservative-free, sustainable, non synthetic multi-use formula, can be used for dishes, laundry, hand-washing, cleaning and pets.

4 oz. $22

Chaga Bath Salt


Renew your body and relax your mind soaking in pure Chaga blend of epsom salt to soothe sore muscles & relieve pain, bentonite clay to oxygenates cells and remove toxins and baking soda to clean & purify skin.

8 oz. $22

Chaga Better Body Oil


Give your skin special nutrients it deserves with finest ingredients soaking into pores and creating an all-natural glow. Chaga, organic unrefined olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E blended with skin purifying essential oils of rose hip and peppermint leave a light feeling all over

8 oz.  $33

Chaga Toothpaste


All natural teeth care containing black activated charcoal, baking soda and peppermint.

2 oz. $ 15.50


Build wellness from within, getting potential benefits of mushrooms with quick easy under the tongue drops of pure nutrient dense Tincture Double Extracts.


Inonotus Obliquus

2 oz. $33

     4 oz. $55 

Turkey Tail

Trametes Versicolor

2 oz. $33

4 oz. $55


Ganoderma Lucidum

2 oz. $33

4 oz. $55

Artist Conk

Ganoderma Applantum

2 oz. $33

4 oz. $55

Horse Hoof

Fomes Fomentarius​ 

2 oz. $33

4 oz. $55

Birch Polypore

Piptoporus Betulinas

2 oz. $33

4 oz. $55

Forest Medley

Chaga, reishi, turkey tail, artist conk, horse hoof & birch polypore.

2 oz. $33

4 oz. $55


Shine Bright

Ganoderma Applanatum  Revitalizing & uplifting. "The spirit mushroom" found on balsam, poplar, spruce and maple trees contains beta-glucans and can be helpful for the immune system, lungs, respiratory, cholesterol, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, saliva, styptic, mucus, anti-inflammatory, oxygen, chi, pain, diuretic, indigestion, homeostasis, heat, rheumatism, TB, esophagus, anti-biotic, altitude sickness, gout, eyes, and blood sugar.

Artist Conk Ashwaganda

Ashwaganda is known to be an adaptogen nourishing a depleted body, can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, boost brain function, concentration, fertility, build immune system, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor.

8 oz. $33

​16 oz. $66

Acorn Artist Conk 

Acorns are an ancient remedy used by indian tribes to help endurance, immortality, youthfulness, fertility, sexual potency, liver and spleen. Can be helpful for alcohol abuse or as a coffee substitute with pinch of cardamom powder.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66


Feel Alive

Piptoporus Betulinas  Enlivens the body & soothes the mind.  Known as "revives life," a beige and white kidney-shaped mushroom found on birch trees with potential health benefits for immune system boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anesthetic, anti-viral, anti-tumor, cells, skin, lungs, rectal, stomach, fatigue, intestinal parasites, intestines, anti-microbial, laxative, styptic, corns, anti-fungal and anti-septic.

Peppermint Polypore

A refreshing way to help ease digestion, relieve gas, bloating, cramps, IBS, improve sleep, headaches, increase energy, clear sinus and freshen breath.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Pine Birch Polypore

An old natural remedy Taoist priests drink for living longer. Pine needle tea contains 4 - 5 times vitamin C of fresh-squeezed orange juice and is high in Vitamin A. Pine cone & pine needle help promote purification, immunity, respiratory health, expectorant, decongestant, cellular, heart, mental clearness and anti-oxidants.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66


Down to Earth

Forest Medley

Favorite blend of six mushrooms - chaga, reishi, turkey tail, artist conk, horse hoof & birch polypore. Together creates a powerful immunity tea to improve health and vitality.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Maple Mushroom 

Pure & natural maple sugar adds sweetness to a blend of chaga, reishi and turkey tail mushrooms.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Wilderness Blend 

Wilderness blend of ancient tree bark - birch, oak, maple, beech, popular or ash, full of anti-oxidants that can be helpful for boosting the immune system and are known to be anti-viral.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Nature Trail

A mushroom blend of New England tree leafused thousan​ds of years as a natural remedy. Phyto- therapy pulls out pure essential nutrients from the leaf (birch leaf, maple leaf, oak leaf, beech leaf, poplar, cherry or ash) which can be helpful for the nervous system, moods, anti--viral, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory.

8 oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Healthy Hiker

Hearty mushroom blend of chaga, reishi and turkey tail mushrooms combined with New England leaf, pine cone, pine needle and acorn to increase vitality.

8oz. $33

16 oz. $66

Tea is one of the worlds favorite beverages due to its many health benefits. Have a delicious experience any time of day, drink a cup of bliss with a smooth finish in every sip.


From the Forest to your face, nutrient- rich moisturizing, "youth serum," full of pure organic ingredients your skin deserves. 

Chaga Face Cleanse 


Pure activated charcoal known for drawing out bacteria, dirt and fighting acne. Baking soda purifies skin and lavender is an anti-septic that can reduce wrinkles and speed up clearing the skin's complexion.

 4 oz. $22

Face cleanser, toner & serum package $66

Chaga Face Toner


Balance your skin's PH, remove build up, close & tighten pores. Apple cider vinegar contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids known to get rid of dead skin cells, discolorations, sun and age spots. Witch hazel and peppermint are beneficial for normal to oily or acne prone skin types.​

4 oz. $22

Face cleanser, toner & serum package $66

Chaga Face Serum


Every face should be a Chaga face. Chaga infused moisturizing serum is full of organic olive oil, raw natural coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, tea tree oil, rose hip oil, vitamin E, beeswax, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood, a combination known to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, improve acne, lighten spots, smooth skin, increase collagen and improve cellular health.

2 oz. $33

Face cleanser, toner & serum package $66

Chaga Super Food Scrub


Super Chaga face. Acai berries are known for remarkable minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phyto-sterols and anti-oxidants to help skin speed up the healing process for acneic skin. Cornmeal and french green clay help absorb excess oil, draw out toxins & impurities and oat flour soothes and moisturizes skin. Beneficial for all skin types.

4  oz. $22

8 oz. $33


"Superfoods" are rich in nutrients, mostly plant-based, some fish and dairy that are nutritionally dense and thus good for one's health. Blueberries, salmon, kale, and acai are a few.

Black Garlic

A more potent food source than regular garlic, helpful for colds and flu, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-viral with a sweet taste causing no body odor. Use in same recipes as regular garlic.

12 count $22

Chaga Cayenne

A powder blend for body detoxification and seasoning. Cayenne is a spicy pepper closely related to jalepeno,  with health benefits including weight loss, boost metabolism, improve digestion and fight infection. Capsaicin found in cayenne is the powerful ingredient that can improve blood flow, heart health and lower blood pressure.

2 oz. $11



Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties with naturally occurring hydrocarbon based on combinations of the isoprene unit.


Found in plant gums and resins, having unsaturated molecules based on formula C30 H 48. Most numerous and diverse group of plant natural products providing protection against pathogens and pests. Accelerate the process of tissue repair and wound healing, inducing cell migration, proliferation, and collagen deposition.


A type of lipid occurring naturally in plants, animals, and fungi, vital to cell membrane structure with powerful cholesterol-lowering properties for bad LDL. Phyto-sterols in plants are powerful therapeutic ingredients, present in Chaga is 45% lanosterol, 25 % inotodial and 30% ergosterol, fecosterol and other.


Biological processes that make our body function are fuelled by the oxidative process, such as digesting food and breathing. Involves oxygen, uncontrolled oxidation causes the onset of diseases like cancer and arthritis.


A large molecule made up of small monosaccharides, called a glycan. A carbohydrate, starch, cellulose or glycogen consisting of a number of sugar molecules bound together to store energy, send cellular messages or support cells and tissue.


Type of polysaccharide, bioactive molecules found in all animals, birds, fish and plant kingdoms with response modulators activating the immune system. Studies show the immune system quickly responds to invading pathogens, viruses, bacteria, radiation damage, environmental toxins for all life forms to maintain homeostasis. They increase the body's ability to regenerate red blood cells, prevent liver and kidney damage. A key activator in the process of phagocytosis: white macrophage blood cells engulf and destroy harmful and diseased foreign substances in the body stimulating immune effector cells. Increase production of cytokines and antibodies including lymphokines triggering more white blood cells. Increase studies focus on the dramatically speeding recovery of free radicals, radiation, damaged tissue and cells, inhibiting mutagenic and immunomodulating effects of cancerous tumors. Beta-glucans nourish immune cells, recognize and destroy mutated sick cells. Skin regenerative effects on "youth" and heal the skin. An anti-aging study of women showed a 47% improvement in lines, wrinkles, and firmness and 60% in elasticity.


Present in the bark of birch trees, white shiny powdery material with anti-microbial properties. The University of Chicago found to be the most promising of 2500 extracts studied. Infection fighting, heals wounds rapidly, skin protective stimulating growth of healthy skin cells.

Betulinic Acid

Strong anti-tumor, attracted to sites in the body where tumors are present, no side effects, no toxicity, cause apoptosis on tumor cells, spontaneous cell disassembly.


Pigment found throughout the natural world, it's the ink used by octopus as a shield against danger, gives Chaga it's coloration and creates color in human skin. Chaga contains more melanin than any other food or herb known and is the best nutritional source of the compound with high anti-oxidant and genoprotective effects. In humans melanin is found in the basal layer of the epidermis differing skin colors, hair providing its color, the iris indicating eye color, inner ear with more melanin less susceptible to damage and hearing loss. The nervous system contains melanin including areas of the brain stem (medulla), the zona reticularis of the adrenal glands. Corticotropin, the pituitary hormone stimulating the adrenals alters melanin production in the body. The pineal gland requires melanin to function optimally. Melanin enhances the beauty, a neurologically active protein (neuropeptide) found in neurons producing important neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and adrenalin. Prevents DNA damage by UV's, aids in hearing, pineal gland, adrenals, and nervous system.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

An enzyme found in all living cells that catalyzes the dismutation of the radical into either ordinary oxygen or hydrogen peroxide. An important antioxidant defense against oxidative stress in the body preventing damaged tissue. Used to treat pain and swelling caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Anti-oxidants which act on the immune system.


Hardest all-natural material on earth. Locked in chitin walls are the bio-actives that make Chaga a powerful mushroom.

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