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My Story

Wellness is my world. My life's work has been helping people get healthy & happy in the outdoors for body, mind & spirit. In an instant my life was turned upside down when my five year old son Nicholas was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After surgery he became paralyzed, unable to walk, talk, eat or move, then miraculously I watched him relearn everything. It was cancer, so we spent the next year and a half at Boston Children's Hospital, Dana- Farber Cancer Center, Mass General and Dartmouth Medical Center in Pediatric Radiation and Chemotherapy treatments.  All went well until the last MRI showed the tumor came back. 

Years later while meditating at Ellacoya Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee in mid winter, without a soul around, a man appeared beside me. He told me about medicinal mushrooms people use to help cancer. The next day I found Chaga on a hike.

Sharon E. Wells

Outdoor Guide

Mushroom Hunter

Outdoor Fitness Trainer

Ski Instructor

Chaga Haus Artwork Created By My Talented Children