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Rei: Universal consciousness  Ki: Life Force. 

Reiki is a healing art technique that originated in Japan, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. Gentle hands on-healing along energy centers activates the body's natural ability to heal, treating the whole person for body, mind, emotions & spirit. Potential beneficial effects are a sense of relaxation, feelings of peace, heightened well-being, stress reduction, relief from pain and muscle tension, increased energy and emotional balance. 

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60 minutes  $88   30 minutes $55        


 The center of your home is the kitchen, make yours a healthy place to be, Have your cabinets cleaned out, toxic items removed and  learn how to "eat for wellness." Get started on  a full body detoxification with clean food and plant based nutrition.


By Appointment. 603-393-2752

Healthy Kitchen $255

Healthy House $ 355  


Make your garden come to life. Add medicinal plants and herbs for health or we re-designing,  replanting, weed and make your garden blossom with beauty.

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