Wi​lderness wellness


Rei: Universal consciousness  Ki: Life Force. 

Reiki is a healing art technique that originated in Japan, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. Gentle hands on healing along energy centers activates the body's natural ability to heal, treating the whole person for body, mind, emotions & spirit. Potential beneficial effects are a sense of relaxation, feelings of peace, heightened well-being, stress reduction, relief from pain and muscle tension, increased energy and emotional balance. 

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60 minutes  $88   30 minutes $55        


The center of your home is the kitchen, so make your kitchen a healthy place to be and start living the life of wellness you've always dreamed of. Have your cabinets cleaned out with toxic items removed and replaced with nutritious food.  Learn "healthy habits," begin a body detoxification and eat clean food with plant based meals.


By Appointment. 603-393-2752

Healthy Kitchen $155

Healthy House $ 255  


Make your garden come to life. Add medicinal plants and herbs for your health or re-design your garden, have weeds removed and watch your garden blossom with beauty.            $35 hour

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